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The Thanksgiving holiday started a couple weeks in advance with Simon's first visit to the grandparents' house in Toronto. Tom and Katie were visiting as well. We hopped on a plane again just two days after returning home from Las Vegas! Simon is such a seasoned traveller that we didn't even bother to take pictures of him on the plane this time.

Jinoo hangs out in the family room mostly... playing his Spiderman 2 game whenever he gets a chance!

We all tend to relax in this room, probably because it's part of the kitchen.

This is the living room -- a beautiful space, especially with the paintings and furniture.

The dining room.

Simon and Uncle Tommy playing!

Farmor checks on how little Simon is doing.


The Extended Thanksgiving Holidays
November, 2004

Weekend in Toronto

Weekend in Toronto (continued)

Finally - a weekend at home

Thanksgiving - part 1

Thanksgiving - part 2

Simon tries "real" food!