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This trip to St. Lucia was all about Simon, and the pictures reflect that! If you want pictures of the resort, the geography, etc. check out the site from our visit last February.

This picture is from the plunge pool at our villa on our first day in St. Lucia. Can you believe this is Simon's first time in a pool? What a natural!

Simon and Mommy, all decked out for the beach.

Simon ready for a day on the beach. They have sand toys for kids. How convenient! Funny we didn't notice that on our previous visits...

Checking out the sand. He figured out the first day that sand is yucky. After that first day he would still have sand all over his body, but at least he didn't try to eat it anymore.

The whole week, Simon took long naps on the beach. Pretty good life, huh? This first day Mommy hadn't realized yet that he would sleep on the sand by himself, so she held him for his entire nap.

Pointing was the big thing this trip. Everything got a point and "DA!" In this case, he was pointing at the helicopter coming to drop someone off. Which reminds me that we have no photos, only video, from the helicopter ride in to the resort. I was worried about whether Simon would be scared (it's pretty loud) but he did fine!

In addition to pointing, we started some more interesting baby talk, including "Dakum!"

At dinner with Mommy and Daddy.


St. Lucia (again!), May 2005

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