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Nicole in First Class and happy to be there. Little did we know... our luggage was NOT safely tucked away below!

From the airplane window. The two mountains on the coast are the Pitons. The closer is the Petit Piton, 2,400 ft high, and the farther one is the Gros Piton, 2,700 ft high. You'll see a lot more pictures of them.

View of Petit Piton looking back. That beach to the right of the Piton is our destination, the Jalousie Hilton Spa & Resort!


Trip to St. Lucia, Feb 2004
(AKA The Honeymoon Do-Over, or The Last Hurrah)

On our way, Saturday morning

Helicopter ride



Pictures of the resort

Party time with friends

Thursday sunset at Ladera

Walking to breakfast Friday morning

How we spent our days

Pictures of our villa

Going home...