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September was a quiet month at last! We spent the month settling in to new schools, new routines, and taking a break after all the summer activities. All the photos I have from September are taken on the same rainy day/evening. Here's Toby having a great time splashing in the puddles. (Note the house in the background with the for-sale sign - that's our new house.)

He doesn't really understand the function of the umbrella, though. He was soaked to the skin and happy as a clam when he and Daddy came back inside.

Simon wanted to do a magic show, and wanted to have a cape and a hat with stars on it (just like Kipper - afficionados out there will recall the episode where Kipper puts on a magic show for Tiger, Pig and Arnold).

Mommy managed to whip something up that fit the costume requirements.

Dancing like maniacs to "Philadelphia Chickens"!

Toby, singing and dancing "on stage", i.e., up on the furniture where he's not exactly supposed to be. Of course the song is capped off with a flying leap to the ground.

Mommy does the grand finale, and the kids are caught in a mid-air collision!!



September 2008

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