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Just having breakfast and watching tv... it's good to be on vacation.

It's a tough life, being pushed down to the beach in the cart of towels, but someone's got to live it.

Out of the blue, Simon said mostly to himself... "There! Simon!" Erik looked over, and Simon had written his name in the sand with the end of his shovel. We were blown away.

Two days later he started pre-school. The teachers asked that we provide a composition book, saying that each day the kids will trace their name and a picture of their choice in the book: "This is a great way for the children to learn to recognize and write their names." Umm... Simon had the "recognize", not to mention spell out loud, down last summer when he was two!

It's a great week to be at the beach. My mid-week, the beach was pretty empty, as you can see.

Just hanging out in my beach chair. (Note how brown he got!)

Toby likes to hang out in his beach chair, too.

The beach really takes it out of the kids. We were packing to leave, so we could drive during nap time... Toby didn't make it to the car before he fell asleep.


September 2007

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Hanging out on the beach

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