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Toby, unfortunately, got sick while were at the beach. We tried staving it off with breathing treatments (Toby is self-serve with them -- what a big boy!) but in the end Nicole had to take him to see a doctor on Labor Day -- turned out he had an ear infection. That took most of a beach day away from Nicole, but at least we had a happier kid for the rest of the vacation!

On the boardwalk -- going to the rides!

Toby was old enough to go on the rides this year!

Well, some of them, anyway. We tried him on this one, for instance, but it was a little violent for him. (I seem to recall that last year when Simon was 2, we thought he was still too young for it... but we put Toby on it at 18 months? What were we thinking?) This was Nicole's FAVORITE ride when she was little, so it's pretty cool for her to see the boys on it now. Yes, these are the same exact rides that were there when Nicole was a child, and they weren't exactly new even then!

All of these are old-school rides that Nicole remembers from her childhood. This was a little more Toby's speed -- and he had the opportunity to pick up some boat-driving tips from his big brother, too.

Now we're out in the newer part -- these rides did not exist when Nicole was small. However, this is now among Simon's favorite rides -- the "blue cola coaster"!

A little bit emptier than last time!

And the frog ride, which was fun last year, too. My how he's grown -- check out Simon on this ride a little over a year ago!

Simon loves to decide which animal he wants to ride on the carosel -- he picks a different one every time. This was the "dragon".

Toby blowing raspberries on the pole...?


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