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Labor Day week we spent a the beach! Here's Simon on a mission...

...bring back piles of sand...

...to add to the sand castle he was building with cousins Sarah and Katie.

We got some more trains which we took along for the week... and Pappy and Mimi had a cool new wooden "farm" set, so we created a fantastic setup.

Toby completely worn out. During this week he showed attachment to a stuffed animal for the first time, his monkey.

Trying to wake him up from his nap, this was all the response I got -- a change in position.

Back out on the beach with Daddy. The waves we're pretty high this day, most of the week it was fairly calm which was great for playing with the kids.

Simon being a ham for the "scopes" guy, who was taking his picture.

Toby wouldn't cooperate but Simon ate it up.

Toby does cooperate if Daddy's taking the photos, though!

At Pappy and Mimi's condo, where we spent most of the week.

Reading with Mommy before bedtime.


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