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Ready to go trick-or-treating

The goal was to visit houses until the pumpkins were full!

At each house Simon would yell "Trick or treat! Happy halloween!" Simon's costume was black Spider-Man with Batman cape (his own invention with costumes we already own. We have quite a collection, there was no need to buy a new one this year!).

It turned out that our neighbor Chelsea was a lion, too - so we had to get a photo of the lions together!

The morning after... Simon was enthralled with his candy. On the phone that morning with Pappy and Mimi, the conversation went like this:

Simon: Do you want to hear how many candies I got?
Pappy/Mimi: Yeah!
Simon: One, two, three, four, five...

He made them listen to him count to somewhere around 38! On both sides of the phone, the adults were in hysterics.

Toby also got somewhere in the ballpark of 40 candies. We rationed them out for a month.

Mommy (holding camera): Toby, show me your candy!
Toby: Okay!



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