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A few days after we moved, Farmor came to visit, and Halloween was only a week later. So we did just-in-time pumpkin carving this year - the night before Halloween. These photos were borrowed from Farmor's facebook album!

Our pumpkins were a little less professional-looking this year than in years past, but when a 4-year-old is wielding the knife and insisting he knows how to do it by himself, artistic considerations go out the window and top priority is given to avoiding trips to the emergency room. The boys still thought they were great, which is all that mattered.

On Halloween day, Nicole accompanied Simon on his first field trip! It had been scheduled earlier in the week, but rescheduled due to rain. We went to a farm to cap off the class' "farm unit" and kick off their "harvest unit". Simon was very proud that we were riding in a big yellow school bus - and thought it was really cool that Mom came, too!

One of Simon's teachers with a classmate.

Boys checking out their pumpkins.

We had a hayride around the farm

Simon and his pumpkin - each child got one to take home.



October 2008

Afternoons on the boat

The big move!

Halloween prep and the first
school field trip


October wrap-up