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On October 17 (10 years and three days after we bought our first house) we settled on our new house! We started moving some things that weekend and throughout the following week. To help the kids understand about the move, Nicole and the boys spent several days after school moving their toys to the new house.

The boys were really engaged with the move, especially Simon.

The following Friday, while the boys were in school, we had movers come to do the major move. It was a FANTASTIC experience - Erik and Nicole agreed it was the best money we've ever spent (well, at least in the "household expenditures" category). The movers were a great group of guys, who had fun together but were very professional at the same time. They brought the truck because they needed all their equipment, but they spent the entire day walking back and forth across the street.

The "class clown" mover, hamming it up for the camera. Here, Nicole was documenting the extraction of the red sofa from the boy's bedroom. After spending two hours getting it into the room eight or nine years ago, we figured we'd never get it back out of there. But don't underestimate what four big, determined guys with a need to prove their ability to move ANYTHING can accomplish.

Success! It went straight up the stairs and into the boys' room - no tricky turns in the new house, fortunately.

New living room with our stuff in it, the same day of the move... obviously not fully lived in yet, but you can start to see it shaping up.

After the movers left, we coaxed Sooty into the house to explore. We didn't even try to bring Sushi in until after the boys went to sleep (which was about 11pm in their new room - they were so excited!). Nicole had to go to the old house to find Sushi, and then carry her into the new house, making a big fuss about what a good kitty she was the whole way across the street, so she wouldn't panic and escape (tearing Nicole's shoulder to shreds in the process). We got her into the house without incident, fortunately!

Nicole and Erik slept pretty badly the first night, not because we weren't comfortable, but because we were a little paranoid about the boys waking up and getting scared (which didn't happen - they were fine) and because the cats ran around like maniacs most of the night, waking us up every hour or so. Of course the next morning, they were ready to sleep all day in our bed (above).

It took very little time for Soot to adjust (according to the former owners, he was over at their house all the time anyway) but it took a couple of months for Sushi to seem really comfortable in the new house. The biggest adjustment is that we don't have a cat door in the new house, so they're dependent on us to let them in and out. For now at least, we're keeping it that way - there isn't a good place to put in a cat door, and it also minimizes the number of creatures the cats can bring back in the house with them!

Simon's first play-date in the new house - we invited his friend Jacob (from his old school) to come visit a couple of days after we moved in. This was their first official playdate, actually! They loved it, and it was nice for Simon to have a friend over in his new house right away.



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