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This year we stayed home for Thanksgiving since we had just moved, and because we were still getting our old house ready for renters (who picked up the keys in early December). It was our first time at home in ten years - since the year we bought our first house! Pappy and Mimi came to stay for most of the weekend, and on Friday, Nina and Hali arrived from NYC and Tom, Katie, Lizzie and Michael joined us for the day. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner on Friday (most of the cooking courtesy of Chef Nina, which meant it was delicious - thank you!!).

Hali and Lizzie

Lizzie wanted the turkey drumstick.

We used both leaves in the table and all eleven chairs for the first time! (Ten dining room chairs plus the antique highchair from Erik's grandparent's house in Newton.)

Enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately Nicole and Erik were busier hosting than taking photos, and completely forgot to take any pictures - these are all from Nina and Hali's facebook albums. Nicole is especially sad that we forgot to take a picture of the table all set for dinner, because it looked great. Nicole's mom had brought a huge tablecloth in a kind of pumpkin shade of orange, which was perfect for Thanksgiving. We got out the fancy plates with the gold rims and our Orrefors wine glasses with the blue drop in the stem. You'll have to take my word for it that the table looked great!

Chef Nina relaxing with Beetlejuice after dinner.

Goofy picture!

Up next... December 2008!


November 2008

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