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We typically check on the boys before we go to bed. One night in November, Nicole walked in to the boy's room and Simon's bed was empty! First thought was to check the sofa - not there - check in the "library" in the big closet - not there - and finally realized that there were two boys in Toby's bed!

The next day Nicole said to Simon, "Last night when I came in to check on you, you were asleep with Toby in his bed," and Simon said, "I was?" He had no memory of getting into bed with Toby, so we're not sure what triggered it. Makes an adorable picture, though!

Boys hanging spoons from their nose. Before we moved into the house, we thought it would be inconvenient having a much smaller kitchen than before, but as it turns out, we love the house layout. Because there's no place in the kitchen to sit down, we eat every meal at the dining room table together. The dining room feels much more connected to the living room than we anticipated, and overall, we spend much more time in the rest of the house - and out of the kitchen - than we used to.

The kitchen, while small, is actually very well laid out and great for cooking in. Before we moved, we thought we'd start renovating the kitchen soon after we moved, but now that we're here and settled, we may take our time!

Next to the kitchen is a kind of "breakfast room". We intended to knock down the wall and enlarge the kitchen, and we may still do so, but in the meantime we are using that space as a mudroom which has been fantastic for us. So, we'll have to think carefully about how we want to revise the layout - and we're very glad we didn't rush into any decisions before we moved in and found out how we actually use the space!

Horsing around on the banister

Nana bought a big giraffe for Toby for his second birthday (a friend for Simon's big lion). We decided it had to stay at Nana's house until we moved into a bigger place. So she brought it up the first visit after our move.

Our first fire! The fireplace hadn't been used in years, so we waited until we had a chimney sweep give us the thumbs up before we tried it out.

The banister has a perfect sitting spot at the bottom.

"Philadelphia Chickens" again!

Helping Daddy make dinner - personalized apron courtesy of Ed, for Christmas one year. Note our high-tech stove. Nicole's dad describes it as a 57 Cadillac - dials, push-buttons, buzzers, and analog clock - but it's really grown on us! The two ovens are really helpful, and the smaller one heats up incredibly fast which is great for preparing fish sticks, etc for the boys.

Having a bath together in their new bathroom!



November 2008

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