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Toby having his first taste of lamb. He went to town, gnawing on the bone.

Just Simon and Mommy went to the zoo one day. We had a great time. Mommy enjoyed "traveling light" -- no stroller, no baby -- and we ran around the zoo, seeing lots of animals we hadn't seen before. We got there right when it opened and we had the zoo almost to ourselves -- it was great!


Simon ready for "wear your pajamas to school" day. It was raining, so we had to wear galoshes, too!

Trying on Daddy's glasses.

Always a wonderful feeling to hold a sleeping baby...

Ruth came to visit! Of course we forgot to take photos until the last ten minutes before she left to go home... but it was a wonderful long weekend.

Toby is learning to help out around the house.

Trying to convince Daddy to take the wrapper off a DV tape... there's always some delay tactic or another before leaving for school!


November 2006

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