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Ready to leave for school with Daddy.

Here Simon is being extremely helpful as Daddy installs a baby gate to the laundry room. Little does he know that this is not just an entertaining task for him, but will ultimately restrict his movements to a certain part of the house - oh, the injustice!

In November, the Muthers had a lovely, quiet, family-only memorial/internment service for Walter, Ruth and Michael. Everyone attended, including some family from Sweden and others from Florida.

The Muther family plot is in a beautiful cemetary in Newton, on a very steep hillside. Depite it being November, the weather was beautiful and you can imagine how lovely the trees must look in the springtime.

Another view of the cemetary.

A last photo outside the family home on Gibbs Street, which is now sold.

Erik, Tom and Nina on the front steps.


November 2005

Muther Memorial Service