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Simon and Johannes were pals by the end of our stay...

...and even showed off in unison for the camera.

We had one final day without Johannes, so we had a little down time with Ruth and Lily before heading home. Here we were heading to lunch with Abbi.

Lily in her car seat.


Simon really enjoyed interacting with Lily, whom he referred to as "Baby Wooly". He was very interested in where she was at all times; wanted to listen to the baby monitor when she was napping to make sure she didn't start to cry; watched her eat and have a bath... At home, we have a doll that upon our return was named "Baby Wooly".

Reading her a book.

Nicole and Lily.

Our last evening, Granny Gwen reading Peter Rabbit to Simon before bed.

At the airport, getting ready to leave! Simon wanted to have his picture with the plane, and said "I'm going to put my arm around our airplane". He did not feel nearly as friendly toward the airplane by the time we got off, over nine hours later!!

I mentioned the technology... during the ride home, we burned through most of our six hours of battery life on the laptop - and made good use of Daddy's fancy headphones, too.

When we got home, there was a surprise - a cool truck!

Driving the car in a highly sleep-deprived state...



May 2008

Nicole and Simon go to England!

Simon and Johannes

Lily's christening

End of the trip

Erik and Toby at Nana's beach