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Nicole went to England replete with technology, which came in handy every step of the way. Here, the boys were being entertained while we set up the hall for the pre-christening party (a la Johannes' christening three years earlier).

Tables set for the party.

Caitlin and Simon checking out the drumset.

All dressed for the christening! Simon did a great job with the tie - he agreed to wear it, was actually rather proud of it, and left it on the entire ceremony. I took along books for him to look at, and we had a long conversation about how to behave in the church during the christening. He did great!

Unfortunately, the beautiful weather was gone on christening day, replaced by driving rain and wind, which was a real bummer. Instead of a lovely reception outside the (TINY) church, we ended up packed in the church having some wine and snacks before going back to the Caddocks for the full party. Here we have Stan, Fiona, and Murron, with baby #2 on the way; and Abbi in the background.

The biggest downside of the weather was that Nicole ended up very few photos of friends that she only saw for a short time this trip!

Once we got back to the house, the tie was off and the Spider-Man costume was back on. Here is Simon playing outisde (in the drizzle) with the children of the Danes - all of whom were very kind to Simon (and love Johannes, so they're accustomed to playing with three-year-olds).



May 2008

Nicole and Simon go to England!

Simon and Johannes

Lily's christening

End of the trip

Erik and Toby at Nana's beach