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May brought Simon and Mommy's "Big Trip" together: a trip to England for Nicole's god-daughter's christening (can you tell I'm proud of my godmother status? the god-daughter in question being Ruth's daugher, Lily). This is Simon still fast alseep after we landed in London.

Ruth met us at the airport, and drove us out to her parent's house in Suffolk. Simon slept the whole way to their house. When we arrived, we had a late lunch with "Granny Gwen", played outside in the sunshine, and Nicole and Simon both went to bed at 10pm (5pm east coast time) and slept through to 10am the next morning, waking refreshed and ready to go!

We had a couple of days before Ruth's husband Claus and son Johannes came to join us in England for the final preparations for the christening. So we spent a day taking Simon to a wonderful little town that Nicole remembered from her year at England, Orford. It's along the coast and best of all for an almost-four-year-old, it has a castle.

I was fascinated by the blue bushes. I didn't remember them from previous visits. Ruth's mom told me the name of the plant, something complicated and Latin-sounding which of course I can't remember!

Examining the cannon outside the castle - does it get any better than this?

A good view of the Orford castle. It's fanstatic, because it's in a semi-ruined state, yet a good portion of it is still standing and you can go through the entire castle, basement to top, exploring rooms and looking out windows.

Racing up the steep hill to the castle - on all fours by necessity - it's a REALLY steep hill...

...and Simon was completely exhausted when we made it to the top!

The managers of Orford Castle were very smart in positioning the gift shop right where you enter, so you can't miss it. Naturally we had to pause and buy Simon a wooden sword to have by his side as he explored his first castle!

And the famous god-daugher, Lily, makes her first appearance on Muthersite!

Photo from the top of the castle

Ah, the wonders of modern technology. Talking to Daddy in the US, from the top of a castle in England!





May 2008

Nicole and Simon go to England!

Simon and Johannes

Lily's christening

End of the trip

Erik and Toby at Nana's beach