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At the beginning of May, we had a yard sale. Mommy and Simon went to the zoo, and Toby and Daddy hung out and sold stuff.

Toby had a great time, just sitting outside and hanging out with Daddy.

All the flowers were in bloom, and we got some great photos of Toby!

Including this one...

Before he finally decided he'd had enough of picture taking in front of flowers.

Daddy cracked out the smoothie maker, and while Simon did NOT like the sound ("LOUD!"), he loved the result.

Toby was happy just eating the strawberries whole.

He's obessed with cans... yeah, it's a beer can... yeah, it was empty when we gave it to him...

We went to Hagerstown for the weekend, to celebrate Grandma and Grandpap's 60th wedding anniversary! This also meant Simon got to spend time with Garrison.

Whatever Garrison does...

...Simon has to do, too!



May, 2007

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