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The first weekend in May, we flew to San Francisco for Caroline's bat mitzvah! Because Erik has you-travel-so-much-we-feel-sorry-for-you status with the airline, we were upgraded to first class. This meant no extra seats for the boys, but we were also in the bulkhead row so we had extra space in front of the seats. Simon had a great time looking out the window before we took off, talking about the airplanes and trucks on the tarmac.

He enjoyed listening to music throughout the trip.

Toby's first airplane flight. Both kids did amazingly well on the plane. So well, in fact, that the woman behind us leaned over after we landed and said "I just want to tell you that you have the two most well-behaved children in America!". We'll just bask in the glory for now... I'm sure there are flights in our future where we will have the two worst-behaved children in America, but it wasn't this flight!

It was a long day on Friday. We took the morning flight (departure 8am, so Simon was up at 6am) and we had a dinner at Cate and Dennis' house at 6:30 on Friday night San Francisco time! Simon had several naps and fortunately Toby isn't on any particular schedule yet anyway. We had a lovely time, there were family in attendance from all over the country. In this picture, I think we captured the oldest guest (Marnie at 94) and the youngest (Toby at 8 weeks to the day!).

Simon played downstairs with the other kids during dinner, and Toby was passed around to willing aunts, great aunts and grandparents so Erik and Nicole could actually enjoy their dinner. This is Hali and Nina with Gabriel, who flew in from Sweden for the weekend!

Toby was quite the attention-getter!

This is Simon at about midnight east coast time -- by far the latest he's ever been awake!

Nicole and Hali -- and Toby, under the black shawl. Very subtle, eh?

Not so subtle here: the classic mother-of-two-kids-under-2 scene. Simon fell down and disappeared under the table (the tablecloth went to the floor and completely covered him up!). Uncle Jinoo fished him out but he was a little disturbed by the experience and needed a moment with Mommy. Toby just kept eating, of course...

Playing peek-a-boo with Anneka through the banisters before we went home!


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