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On our way to England - Simon's first transatlantic flight! We're in the Philly airport waiting for everyone else to get on board. We were the last on the plane, so that Simon could play for as long as possible. It was his bedtime but does he look sleepy to you?

On the plane, at last we found a good place for Simon to sleep -- on the floor. We discovered that Simon tosses and turns all night long... sits up, wobbles sleepily and drops down to the other side... so being held or belted onto the empty seat just didn't work.

We arrived on Saturday morning, rented our car and drove out to Tom Peck's (Ruth's family's home). Simon was ready to go by the time we go there around lunch time. Erik was ready for a nap after no sleep on the plane and a two hour drive!

Saturday evening was a nice dinner party, with after-dinner entertainment provided by Claus' band.

Claus at the microphone.

Erik, Rich and Stan enjoying themselves.

Emma and Fenner stayed in the "holiday flat" upstairs from ours. They have a 13 month old, Caitlin, who was back at the flats with Simon and two babysitters arranged for us by Gwen (Ruth's mom). We parents enjoyed our evenings without babies!

Ruth and Rosie

And Ruth with yours truly!

Having a good time.

The lads goofing off. We did manage to get them to dance!

Simon came to dinner, then Nicole took him back to the flat to go to bed. She left him asleep... but look who was awake when we got back at 10:30! We were very ready for bed but it took another hour to settle back down. Once he was back in bed, Simon slept until 9 the next morning, which was great for Mommy and Daddy!


Trip to England
April 30 - May 3, 2005


Sunday - Johannes' christening

Sunday - party afterwards

Monday morning

Monday afternoon