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Happy first birthday Toby! We partied from morning 'til night (or at least it felt that way to an exhausted Mommy, who was recovering from strep throat). We had so much fun, though, it was definitely worth it, and we felt like we adequately celebrated Toby's first year!

So here we are, ready for the FIRST party, which was brunch with mostly grownups.

Simon was being the very grown-up older brother with his hat, watch, and belt on... all of which stayed on all day!

Pappy, Mimi, and Nana all came for the big day... and basically brought the parties with them, as Nicole had been home miserably sick on Wednesday and Thursday and couldn't even think about party planning! So Nicole called in the parents-of-only-child backup and they delivered, big-time.

Big birthday boy!

He knows how to party.

Toby enjoyed having "Happy Birthday" sung to him, and he clapped for us all when we were done singing. What a great audience he is!

Dalija and her parents, Barbara and Sebastian, our neighbors from down the street, came to the party too! It was great to see them after a long winter indoors. Dalija is only about 10 weeks younger than Toby.

And we were honored to be Nathan's first big trip out of the house! He was officially six weeks old today. Somehow I don't have any photos of Wendy, but this is a nice one of Alan and Nathan together.

And here's the closeup. We had a lot of commotion in the house, and Nathan slept pretty much the entire time!

Nicole parents looooooooved the opportunity to hold a little sleeping baby again. It was only a year ago that Toby looked like that!


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