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6 am (ish... we were a little late!) on Friday, March 10, 2006. Ready to go to the hospital for a scheduled c-section! The c-section decision was made after much debate, but is one that we both felt good about once the decision had been made. And is sure is nice to be able to walk into the hospital on your own two feet, feeling completely normal and not in labor!

In the hospital. Gee, Nicole doesn't even look pregnant...

...or then again, maybe she is ready to have the baby!

Nicole in her ready-to-have-baby garb...

...and Erik in his ready-to-have-baby garb, looking much more enthusiastic this time than last time he was ready to head into the operating room!

For an explicit operating room photo of the birth itself click here.

Skipping all the more gory photos, here are Nicole and new baby boy Muther in the recovery room! (Note: the poor child didn't have a name yet -- Nicole and Erik got serious about the name discussions shortly after this photo was taken. The issue suddenly seemed much more urgent when we had a baby in front of us... who we kept calling "Simon" out of habit!)

And a few hours later, the first photo of Daddy with his new little boy.


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