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The next weekend, we went to Nana's house for more partying.

Simon had fun playing with Garrison, Nana's next door neighbor.

Daddy picked up some rockets at Wal-Mart which were a big hit.

Another birthday cake - a joint one for Toby and Garrison, whose fifth birthday was also in March.

The birthday boy gets to sneak the icing.

Nana enjoying the warm spring day.

Garrison and his mom Kathy.

Taking a rest after a busy day of playing... still in the black Spider-Man costume.

More presents at Grandma and Grandpap's house - this one from Aunt Ruby.

Making a goofy face. Sleeves rolled up because he loves to play in the little indoor water fountain that Grandma has... we've given up trying to prevent him from playing in it, and just try to minimize the damage to the clothing.

Simon also got a little something from Aunt Ruby... Spider-Man toys for the swimming pool.





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