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In March, Toby turned two! We celebrated with a party at what the boys dubbed "the bouncy place", an indoor facility that has several moon bounces set up, as well as lots of toys and space to run around.

Tom jumping with Lizzie!

Simon and his best friend from school, Jacob.

Jacob helping Toby down the slide.

They have these big foam rolling things which the boys love playing with.

Jacob's little sister, Kayley, is in Toby's class at school. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well and ended up falling asleep shortly after this photo!

Nicole's friend Helen also came with her two boys, Casey and Daniel, who are the same ages as Simon and Toby (Daniel above).

And Nicole's friend Robin came with her daughter Kylie (in full princess garb).

Finally - Simon's friend William came with his parents, and they ALL had fun in the moon bounces!

William again.





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