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In late June, Erik drove to Connecticut to pick up his new boat (a used boat, actually, purchased from a boat dealer via Ebay!), and continued into Boston to meet Dan, Marie, Alex, and Masha at Josh's house. It was a bit of a harrowing experience for him, as he'd never driven a boat trailer for that distance before, and he ended up driving into Boston in the middle of Friday rush hour! But he arrived safely, parked the boat at Josh's house, and had a wonderful dinner with the gang.

Sitting outside for after-dinner drinks


...and Josh, cracking each other up.

Here's a picture Anya will love when she gets older: Mom, 7 months pregnant, rockin' out to Guitar Hero!!

Enjoying the concert

Dan, managing to look suave and sophisticated while he plays a pretend guitar.

Alex's turn

Captain Erik, ready for the maiden voyage of the new boat.

And here's the boat itself!

Alex practicing his casting skills

Dan fishing, with Masha supervising

Nothing like hanging out on the deck at the lake house, as the sun goes down.

Up next... July 2008


June 2008

Kid photos, and Michael is born!

Train, zoo and Nana's house

Haverford gang, Erik's new boat