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Simon enjoys towing Toby with his truck. The only trick is, Toby has to keep his feet up!!

One of our favorite weekend passtimes is to walk (or ride) down to the train station and watch the trains go by.

Toby in particular is fascinated with the trains.

Toby and Daddy at the zoo!

Face painting as usual! Toby has never been willing to have his face painted - just Simon. I'm sure those photos will come in 2009...

All the boys on the train ride at the zoo.

Enjoying cotton candy.

The boys love riding in the convertible!

Simon got a "One Laptop Per Child" laptop from Nana for his birthday. Simon was very pleased with it! But, sadly, we managed to crash it and Mommy still hasn't gotten it working again. It would be helpful it it arrived with a little more documentation... and if it had been a little more clear to Mommy that this is a REAL laptop and in certain ways, apparently less stable than a regular PC laptop. (Specifically, we killed it by turning it off using the power button like an on/off switch rather than following the regular shut-down sequence, which seems like a bit of a fatal flaw if you're creating a laptop for children; and none of Mommy's restoration attempts to date have worked; and from reading various online forums, Mommy is concluding she needs to become a Linux expert to fix it... any dedicated Muthersite readers with suggestions are invited to offer their assistance!).

Showing off the laptop. It is really cool, if we can get it working again!!



June 2008

Kid photos, and Michael is born!

Train, zoo and Nana's house

Haverford gang, Erik's new boat