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The first weekend in June, we went to Hagerstown for Courtney and Corey's wedding. We took the opportunity to visit Grandpap and Grandma while we were in town. There was a massive storm the night before (while Nicole was driving from Philadelphia -- fortunately she passed through the area on the interstate about thirty minutes after the storm passed through!). During the storm, a tree was blown down, pulling wires with it, and lightning struck the transformer in their yard. So when we arrived around 10:30 in the morning, Grandpap had already cut up and hauled away the fallen tree, and a couple guys were up on the pole installing a new transformer.

It took four trucks and Grandpap's tractor to fix the electricity!

I didn't take many photos on this visit, but this one of Toby was priceless. As always, the kids pass out as soon as we leave the grandparents' house. In this case, Toby was drinking his bottle and just couldn't stay awake any longer -- his hand dropped, but the rest of his posture stayed in bottle-drinking pose!

The weather was sketchy, so the wedding was indoors. Lots of fun and fabulous food!

The couple!

Morgan, Nicole's flute teacher, played during the ceremony! We had a great time catching up, for the first time in many years.

The wedding was in the afternoon, so the boys took naps at Nana's house while we went to the ceremony. Then Nana brought them over during the reception to have some fun (and to show off their cute outfits to all the family!).

Rachael, Kyle and Courtney.

Logan, the couple's son, was the ringbearer. He was a big hit, dressed up in his tux. During the ceremony, when the officiant (a woman) asked him for the rings, he said, "Here you go, your majesty." He ran around non-stop during the reception and finally passed out at a table!

All cleaned up!



June, 2007

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