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At the beginning of June, Pappy and Grammy came to visit. They brought Simon a real, mini basketball!

As you can see, Simon was a little excited about it.

It was super hot, so we put Simon in a tub of water to cool off outside. He invented a great game: throw all the toys out of the water, have someone put them back, throw them all out again...

While Grammy and Erik played with Simon in his tub, Nicole and Pappy worked their tushies off! This is the wall we built so we could fill in with dirt and level out the yard. You can see how much it sloped off by how high the wall had to be.

We had top soil and mulch delivered that weekend. Those two huge piles had already been reduced by about half when this picture was taken. Erik spread mulch all around the house. We were worn out by the end of the weekend!

The next day, while the parents were at work, Pappy and Grammy got to just play with Simon all day.

Simon's meals are getting more and more creative. This day was pita with hummus. He's also becoming an expert with the sippy cup -- both drinker and thrower. Our big thing right now is throwing stuff (food, sippy cups) on the floor if we don't want it. And he's expert at it -- even if you're waiting to try to catch him before he drops it, somehow he does a secret flip of the wrist and next thing you know it's on the floor.

(A shameless plug for Nicole's alma mater.) This photo was taken a mere TWO DAYS before Simon had the Great Breakthrough: on June 10, he started walking! I realize now we don't have any good photos of him walking, it's all on video.

At first it was his "party trick" -- he still crawled if he wanted to get anywhere fast. After one week he was steadier and doing about 50/50 crawling and walking; after the second week, he was an expert and had even figured out how to stand up without pulling himself up on something. Just amazing.

Another big development this month was that a week after he started walking, Simon moved from the baby room to the pre-toddler room at school. He handled the adjustment amazingly well (Mommy actually found it much harder to get used to -- isn't that always the way). Usually it takes about two weeks of going back and forth between the baby room and the pre-toddler room until the kids adjust, but Simon dove right in! The second day he spent the entire day in his new classroom and his teachers were very impressed. What can we say -- he's a great kid!

He doesn't have a crib at school anymore -- they nap on cots instead. We started taking Simon table food for lunch and he feeds himself (with his fingers, of course) which his teachers are also impressed with. In his new room, all 11 - 22 month-ers, they have circletime, gym class, water play, buggy rides, art... he's an exhausted baby by the end of the day!

Finally, his last big developmental milestone for the month was starting to use some recognizable words. His official first word: bottle. It comes out "ba-OOM?" and sometimes, "ba-ba-ba-OOM?" His official second word: lion (for his favorite stuffed animal). That's less of a word though, it's more like "la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la". But it's clear he's referring to his lion, because he only uses it when he sees his toy. It's usually accompanied by a frantic crawling or walking toward the lion, and followed by a huge smile and burying his face into Lion's.

And now, if you're getting nostalgic for that little tiny baby, you might want to revisit some pictures from when he was born!

This is a shot of the work the painters did on our house this month. It was way, way overdue so we decided to bite the bullet and have them powerwash, burn and sand all the old paint away. This was the beginning of the burning phase -- our whole house looked like this at one point! By the end of the month they were done and the house looks fantastic.


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