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The third weekend in July, we split up with the kids. Erik went to the Cape with Toby, and Nicole went to Ocean City with Simon to see Mimi's summer musical. Erik decided to travel light and not check his bags -- and he cracked out the old-school backpack for Toby. Toby LOVED it. He's squinting because that's his new "pose" for the camera (I remember Simon doing this too... I think he's anticipating the flash).

After Mimi's show (which was great) everyone goes up on the stage and plays with the props.

That evening we went to the boardwalk. Simon was ready to spend his money on the rides!

Logan was at Mimi's play, too, and they met us at the boardwalk. The boys had a great time going on rides together.

We cuminated with the "cola coaster" as the last ride of the evening. Logan and Simon got in the first car! It was Simon's idea to go on the the "cola coaster" (sorry... the BLUE cola coaster) but I would have been nervous having him do it without Logan with him. But he loved it -- clearly, his mother's child.

On Saturday, we met Logan and family at the beach.

And this was Nicole's idea of a perfect day on the beach. Yes, the book had just been released about 10 1/2 hours earlier.

On Sunday we went to Assateague and saw some ponies on our way to the beach.

I got the camera out, put the hat on Simon, and snapped a bunch of photos immediately. Within about three minutes the hat was off, but it was cute while it lasted.

Last summer, there were some boys sitting on these tables (with feet on the benches) eating ice cream, and Simon wanted ice cream too, and insisted on sitting on the table just like the other kids. One year later, we're back, and Simon asked for ice cream. We got him some... and he insisted on sitting on the table to eat it. How do kids remember stuff like that?


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