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Ah, popcicles. This is Toby's first-ever popcicle and as you can see, he was pertty happy about it!

Which brings us to a good time to update on the boys, especailly Toby. Toby is now sixteen months and for several months now, he's been singing songs. He has a repertoire that includes the old standby, "Twinkle twinkle little star" or sometimes "Baa baa black sheep", and occasionally even "ABCD" (as it's called in our house). He's also been heard to sing, on his own, "Old MacDonald," "Where is Thumbkin/Frere Jacque" (he knows both versions of the words and "Wheels on the Bus." He can sing along with even more songs, including Row row row your boat, hokey pokey, london bridge, the classical music in his favorite baby video, the entire Little EInsteins TV show theme song... the list goes on.

While SImon's first words included things like "car," "duck" (or possibly "quack" -- it was never really clear in those early days), and "babum" (his all-purpose word for food and drink), Toby's early words have included things like "dum dum", "mine", "thank you", "cookie", "eggs"... At this point knows too many words to count, including "Freeze Pop" (Simon's term for all things popsicle). He knows animal sounds (including a very deep roar for lions and tigers), is getting the concept of taking turns (he shares better than Simon does), and loves to copy Simon, especially going "YAY!" and stomping his feet in excitement at the prospect of a "Feeze pop"! He knows some colors (he's pretty good with blue and yellow), points out circles... the list goes on.

He's already mimicking words we say, which prompts Erik to say things like "Hey Toby... say 'Socrates!'"

Simon is doing great with school and is becoming more grown up. He's starting to talk about his friends, and looks forward to playing with other kids (Toby doesn't count, yet). We read a lot of books, try not to watch too much television!, play with toys, eat Freeze Pops... This summer he's been having a great time when we go to the beach and he LOVES to go on rides (more photos on that coming up). He is interested in the potty but completely uninterested in potty training. Mommy and Daddy aren't that interested in potty training either, so we're going to give it a few more months.

So back to the popsicles. We found tiny ones that are just right for the kids (especially Toby -- they're a little small for Simon). They're incredibly intense colors and flavors, too.

Even the orange ones turn your mouth into Day-glo...

...but the blue ones are the most noticable.

We went to the Zoo with some friends and Simon had his face painted like a zebra! Our friends have older kids who had their faces painted, which is how Simon got the courage to do it too. He selected the zebra.

And we rode the camel for the first time -- that was an experience.

Our friends got a kick out of it too.

Tired zebra.

Umm.... Christmas in July?



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