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View from the beach, back to the tidal pond. It's full of crabs, and by the beach, there's a really shallow area that you can walk right up to and watch the crabs walk around. The boys were fascinated.

Running from the waves


On the Saturday after the 4th of July, Reedville (the local town) had their festivities, starting with a 5K run/walk in the morning. Erik ran the whole thing. Simon and Mommy ran about 50 yards. Then Simon opted for the stroller instead... and Mommy and Nana opted for a big shortcut, so we did about 3 of the 5 K in the end. And we were still beat by a lot of the runners!

Simon started the weekend calling this a "tractor". But Ed worked on him all week until the last day, Simon corrected me when I referred to it as the tractor and said "No, Mommy, it's SHERMAN." Anyway, it's a bit of a walk to the beach with kids and gear etc. so Sherman was a big help each day.

Our last morning, we got up early and puttered around the tidal pond in the Zodiac to watch the birds. Simon and Toby came too... Simon put up with it only because he was promised Little Einsteins when we got back...!



July, 2007

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