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The day of Simon's actual birthday, we drove in the evening to "Nana's beach," as Simon calls it. We got there late and put the kids to bed in the travel trailer. In the morning, Simon and I woke up early and looked around outside. When we came back toward the trailer, Toby was peeking out at us!

The water is wonderful at Nana's beach -- it's the Chesapeake Bay, so it's very calm, warm, and not quite as salty as the ocean water. Toby kept tasting it.

Toby went to sleep so late in the car, that he couldn't stay awake in the morning -- he slept for about two hours on Nana, who didn't mind at all.

Peeking into the boy's bed from outside. The kids loved it -- it was almost like a tree house. We suspended their DVD player by their bed and they were in heaven.

We had to improvise with the eating arrangements for Toby -- his chair doesn't work so well with a picnic table. But Maggie was always happy to keep us company on the ground.

We had a little cake and sang happy birthday to Simon again on the 4th.

Morning in the travel trailer. Kitchen, bathroom, table, beds, TV... what more could you need at the beach?

Boy, this is a big beach. Where shall we start?

This looks like a good spot.

Another day, another nap on Nana's lap on the beach...

Simon and Daddy playing "Run to the Sea!"

Over and over and over and over. After playing "Run to the Sea" for about 45 minutes one day, he came up to our chairs and said, "I have fun at Nana's beach!"



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