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July means Simon's birthday! After "Mommy, my birthday's coming?" for three months, the big day finally arrived. We had a party at the park to celebrate. When we asked Simon what he wanted for his birthday, he said "Blue!" Okay....

We found "curious george" theme party stuff, including masks!

We ran into Simon's friend Ashley from school. She couldn't stay for the party, but she did get a to take some party favors home.

William came to the party, as did Daniel, Casey, Lizzie, Dahlia, and of course Toby.

Simon wanted "sparkles" on his cake, after seeing them for Grandma and Grandpap's 60th anniversary. So we had the, although it was a little windy, and in daylight they don't show up as well.

And then we had regular candles too, for good measure. The cake was an ice cream cake in the shape of a car. Deee-licious! as Simon would say.

Dahlia pointing to her Curious George tattoo. They lasted for days!

Lizzie sporting her tattoo as well.

The park is all of five minutes from our house. When we were halfway home, Simon was goofing off and Toby was laughing at him. When I pulled in the driveway and looked back, Toby was passed out. Amazing -- the kid can fall asleep in literally a minute or two when he's really worn out!



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