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Yes, that's Toby's seat. Simon enjoys it too.

Toby started rice cereal in July! He thoroughly enjoys it as you can see.

Finally, the last weekend in July. Uncle Galen, Aunt Janice, Dad, and Gwendolyn all arrived to build stairs to our back deck. Here's Galen hard at work. It was very hard work, because it was HOT all three days they worked!

Working on the final bannisters.

Simon loves puddles in our driveway... he always goes straight for them, even if (like this one) they're pathetically small.


Simon taking the inaugural first trip down the steps.

Exploring the neighbors' front yard.

Uncle Tommy, Aunt Katie, and Lizzie came to spend the evening with us. Lizzie can crawl! She's only three months older than Toby -- it's a little glimpse ahead when we see her.

Having a fun wagon ride.

Simon decided to help, and it's hard to see, but there's Sooty leading the way back home.

And finally, bathtime for the cousins. Not too long before that'll be Toby in the bath with his big brother!

And that's it for July!! Boy, we didn't sit still much, did we? We did slow down (a little bit) in August, coming soon....

July 2006 - Weddings, a big birthday and summer fun!

Alex and Masha's wedding!
Heading to NYC

Prenuptual dinner and
Sunday in New York

Arriving at the wedding

The ceremony and reception

Leaving NYC and Simon's 2nd Birthday!

Hanging with the cousins, and Jen and Ryan's wedding

Visiting the great grandparents and Nana

Ocean city in the summertime!

Building the backyard stairs and Lizzy comes to play