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We didn't stay home much in July! The next weekend we went to Ocean City to see Grammy's summer class perform their musical.

Simon did a little performing of his own, with Grammy's encouragement of course -- we're back on "Singing in the Rain."

Toby tried on one of Grammy's new hats.

We went to the boardwalk and Simon actually got to try out the Sesame Street game. The girl running the game brought him (and eventually the other little girl, too) right up front. Simon was a little more committed to getting the balls in than the little girl, so he won!

Pappy tried on the Baby Bjorn for the first time. Toby liked it!

Lauren was in town, helping Gwendolyn with her class, and Courtney, Corey and their son Logan were also in town, so we had lots of fun at the boardwalk with them.

Nice photo of Toby and Pappy.


July 2006 - Weddings, a big birthday and summer fun!

Alex and Masha's wedding!
Heading to NYC

Prenuptual dinner and
Sunday in New York

Arriving at the wedding

The ceremony and reception

Leaving NYC and Simon's 2nd Birthday!

Hanging with the cousins, and Jen and Ryan's wedding

Visiting the great grandparents and Nana

Ocean city in the summertime!

Building the backyard stairs and Lizzy comes to play