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And so we begin -- Alex watching his bride come down the aisle.

Alex and Masha, as she arrives with her parents at the front. The rest of the photos from the ceremony are fairly blurry as the light was getting very low. Suffice to say, it was a lovely ceremony, the rabbi was wonderful, the chuppah was a fantastic "temporary home" for the new couple, and our gang performed their various roles perfectly.

Post ceremony, all the jobs done, and ready to enjoy cocktail hour!

Here we are -- Nicole in her dramatic, New York wedding dress! Gosh, Erik is a lot taller than Nicole... maybe that's not a surprise to anyone but Nicole who tends to forget this since she doesn't see herself from this point of view that often...

Alex and Masha and their first dance -- "When I'm Sixty-Four" by the Beatles. Beautifully executed -- obviously they practiced and were having a great time out there! Doesn't Masha look beautiful?

The flowers were really quite impressive!

Dan, Lale and Emre. The cocktail hour had to be moved indoors because a thunderstorm arrived (fortunately it held off until after the ceremony was over!).

A photo that shows the conservatory nicely. The glass roof was really stunning.

And here's the whole gang except whoops! We forgot to grab the bride and groom!


July 2006 - Weddings, a big birthday and summer fun!

Alex and Masha's wedding!
Heading to NYC

Prenuptual dinner and
Sunday in New York

Arriving at the wedding

The ceremony and reception

Leaving NYC and Simon's 2nd Birthday!

Hanging with the cousins, and Jen and Ryan's wedding

Visiting the great grandparents and Nana

Ocean city in the summertime!

Building the backyard stairs and Lizzy comes to play