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The wedding was at the Brooklyln Botanical Gardens, an absolutely beautiful setting. Here are guests arriving.

Nicole spotted Alex inside the conservatory (the site of the reception dinner), getting ready for the ceremony.

Lisa and Patrick

Lale and Emre

The gang walking down to the ceremony location.

Remember the part about getting last-minute access to set up the chuppah? When we got there (about 20 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start) we discovered Dan and Erik still in set-up mode! Josh jumped in to help them wrap up.

Putting the finishing touches on...

...Erik placing matching flowers on the other side, and DONE! Dan and Erik scrambled back to the main building to jump into their tuxedos. They were both witnesses to the ceremony, so they had to get back before it started!

Here are Marie and Yoanna chatting before the ceremony started. You can't really tell from the photo since it's straight-on, but Yoanna is very pregnant and by the time of this writing is the proud mother of a 3-day-old son, Adrian. (So pictured here, she's 8 days away from having the baby!)

Andrew, dapper man-about-town and now new dad.

Erik back just in time.


July 2006 - Weddings, a big birthday and summer fun!

Alex and Masha's wedding!
Heading to NYC

Prenuptual dinner and
Sunday in New York

Arriving at the wedding

The ceremony and reception

Leaving NYC and Simon's 2nd Birthday!

Hanging with the cousins, and Jen and Ryan's wedding

Visiting the great grandparents and Nana

Ocean city in the summertime!

Building the backyard stairs and Lizzy comes to play