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As foreshadowed, Pappy and Mimi planned to get Simon a birthday bike! However, when they pulled down the one they thought they would buy, it looked a little small for Simon. So they did the only logical thing...

...they bought that one for Toby, and got the next size up for Simon!

Yes, Simon is in Spider-Man from head to ankle... we've got Spider-Man helmet and pads, and by coincidence, he was wearing his Spider-Man pajamas that morning. Both bikes came equipped with bells (thanks to Pappy) and note they're both ringing their bells in this picture.

Pappy and Mimi also brought cupcakes, which the boys always get excited about. These had particularly colorful icing.

Toby picked the dark green one. Remember we don't eat the cake part - we just lick off the icing.

Simon went for light blue.



July 2008

Simon turns FOUR!

Fourth of July parade

Fourth of July evening

Simon's first fish!

Birthday back home

Hanging out... and a new house?!