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Nina, Hali, and Beetlejuice were also staying for the week. The boys really warmed up to Beetle.

Simon heading out with Daddy on his first fishing expedition...

...and SUCCESS! He actually caught a fish his first time out!

Toby was very impressed with Simon's catch.

Simon modeling his full bicycle safety gear... purchased in anticipation of a certain forthcoming birthday gift...

The boys enjoyed playing on the trampoline all week... and Nicole did her best not to have a heart attack. Within a few minutes, we decided the rule was, we needed a 1:1 ratio of kids to adults - so if both kids were jumping, we needed a minimum of 2 adults to make sure they stayed safe! So we made it through the week without bouncing anyone onto the ground, and the boys loved every second of it.



July 2008

Simon turns FOUR!

Fourth of July parade

Fourth of July evening

Simon's first fish!

Birthday back home

Hanging out... and a new house?!