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Unlike the earlier days in the week, the 4th of July was cool and cloudy (and it stayed that way through the weekend, unfortunately!). We went to Cate and Dennis' in the evening for dinner and to watch the Plymouth fireworks, and the cool evening and cold Atlantic water didn't stop us from running around on the beach.

Toby gradually got wetter and wetter...

...and wetter, as he ventured in to his knees to check out something that daddy found. We looked at sand dollars and jelly fish...

...we checked out sand crabs...

...and even found a little starfish!

Eventually both boys were bare-bottomed, and even their shirts were dripping along the hem!

Back inside, warming up with Uncle Jinoo (both with their hoods up).

Mommy looked outside and there was Toby, heading back to the beach by himself with his bucket and shovel!

This looks like a good place for a Ralph Lauren child model to settle down for a photo shoot.

Simon playing with Mallory, the grand-daughter of friends of Cate and Dennis.



July 2008

Simon turns FOUR!

Fourth of July parade

Fourth of July evening

Simon's first fish!

Birthday back home

Hanging out... and a new house?!