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One of Simon's birthday gifts was a fishing rod! It's for kids, but it is a real fishing rod. It also comes with a little plastic fish that you can connect in place of a hook, so Simon could practice his casting. With a little coaching from Daddy, he got really good at it!

The next day was July 4th of course! We got up early and this year, decided to try the parade in Sandwich, which is out on Cape Cod itself. (Previous years we've always gone to the parade in Plymouth.) It was a good parade, not so many bands, but lots of cool old cars and tractors.

After the parade, we walked to a playground where the boys had lot of fun playing (with about 8,000 other kids!).



July 2008

Simon turns FOUR!

Fourth of July parade

Fourth of July evening

Simon's first fish!

Birthday back home

Hanging out... and a new house?!