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Simon started daycare ("school", as Nicole prefers to call it) on January 4. Erik started a new project in Boston on January 12. We're all settling in to our new schedule. It's a little tough for Nicole with Erik out of town, but not too bad. One of her parents (or occasionally Ulla) keeps Simon on Monday, so it's just Tuesday through Thursday that Nicole is on her own. The hard part is mornings... especially since Nicole has never been much of a morning person! Now she's out of bed at 6:15 -- a big change from her old 7:45(ish) days! On Fridays Erik works from home. Simon still goes to school, but Erik can get Simon ready while Nicole gets dressed, meaning we can all sleep in a little later.

The hardest part of the last three week, though, is that it took Simon a grand total of three days in daycare before contracting his first cold. He promptly gave it to Nicole (and a little bit to Erik, too) and for the last two+ weeks both Nicole and Simon have been continuously sick! Fortunately no one has had a fever... just runny nose, pinkeye, coughing (Nicole only).

This page doesn't have anything to do with school or Boston or illness. It's just Simon being cute. Indulge us.


January, 2005

It's all about Simon

Simon's first sibling

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