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A rare two-boy bath -- generally they prefer to have them separately.

We went to Hagerstown for Nicole's grandmother's 80th birthday. Just Nicole went with the boys, consequently, she had her hands full and took no photos at the birthday dinner itself. However she did manage to take this photo in the middle of the night when she woke up and checked on the boys. We make beds for them out of the soft, taking the seat cushion off onto the floor for Toby and Simon sleeps up a level of the base of the sofa. It's a perfect setup for them, although apparently at some point in the night Toby decided he wanted to be on the upper part, too, which I thought was adorable.

Toby dressed for a cold day (finally! Although we still haven't had a proper snowfall around here).

A lazy weekend morning.

Good thing we have the basement as the toy room! Photo by Simon...

So this is what Pappy and the boys get up to all day while Mommy and Daddy are at work!

More silliness...

So here we are at the end of January 2008, and it's time for a proper kid update.

Starting with Toby: he's been talking for months now, and we often have to remind ourselves that he's not quite two. He recently learned to jump (actually get air) and he's now obsessed with jumping off anything he can manage to climb up on. As mentioned in November, he's fascinated with Simon using the potty and is a very encouraging brother ("good job, Simon!"). This coaching also extends to things like Simon using the mouse to select the next episode on the DVD ("Click it, Simon! Click it! ....Good job.").

He eats just about anything, including, but not limited to: guacamole, edamame, ketchup with a spoon or right off the fingers, baby corns, and his absolute favorite, cherry tomatoes. He is also obsessed with the more typical toddler foods like "radioli" and "mac-n-teese", and even asks for them for breakfast some days. This morning he asked for pancakes, which was a little out of the blue because I can't remember the last time he had pancakes...

He also loves musical instruments, especially drums and a ukelele that he calls his "tar". He orders you to "sit", and he climbs up on something (a chair, sofa, bed) and does a show for you... and orders you to "clap!" if you don't respond appropriately... then he bows.

He is very interested in snakes right now for some reason. We went to the zoo a few weeks ago which was fun -- it was the first time Toby was really interested in watching the animals. He spent ages in the reptile house looking at every single snake. I had to tear him away from each window to go look at the next one...

Simon seems more grown up every day. His obsession is with superheros, especially power rangers, to Mommy's chagrin. He talks about shooting "gums" ( we haven't bothered to correct him). He is also interested in batman, superman, spider-man, and he does have a "wubbble woman" action figure, although he decided it was catwoman after watching a batman episode featuring her. We're thinking it's time to start looking into karate lessons (do they have them for three-year-olds?) because he's constantly doing fake ninja-style fighting.

He regularly answers the phone at our house, sounding much older than he actually is. When I call home on Mondays at the end of the day, the call always goes something like this:

- Hello?
- Hi Simon, it's Mommy.
- Hi Mommy! You on your way?
- Yep, I'm on my way!
- NANA! MOMMY'S ON HER WAY! Mommy? I'm <insert current activity>...

Both kids tend to come into our bed in the middle of the night these days (Toby's been in a toddler bed since November), although fortunately for us, it's as though they negotiate with each other to pick alternate nights -- it's pretty rare that they're both in bed with us at once. About half the time we take them back again, but generally we're both so tired we don't fight it. I just haul the kid into bed between us and go right back to sleep. We'll may regret getting them into this habit one day, but for now it's just easiest.

As for us... We're surviving! Nicole is super, super busy at work, as is her whole department, so it's been a little tense. But I'm managing to not work too much overtime (it's all still there the next day) and trying to keep sane. Erik's job is going well and it's such a relief that he rarely travels now. Many days we drive home together, picking up the kids at school on the way. Having two small children is a big change from the DINK lifestyle we enjoyed for so long (that's Double-Income-No-Kids, if you haven't heard the term before), and occasionally we miss our old life, but we love playing with the kids and doing activities with them as they're getting a little older. We know it won't be long before they're too cool to hang out with us anymore, so we're enjoying the Mommy-and-Daddy-are-indispensible phase while it lasts!


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