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For the second half of the week, we took a bus to Mar del Plata, on the coast.

We spent two days on the beach - and really relaxed, which was great.

All the beaches are lined with these cabanas. We rented one for the first day, and went back to the same exact spot the second day - why mess with perfection. Shade, sun, beach chairs, a server to bring us food and drink - we couldn't beat that.

Erik modeling his Boca Juniors shirt - in the old school, fully Swedish colors (these days most of the shirts are navy blue and gold - we brought one home for Simon).

We literally stayed until sunset - which was pretty late, considering it was summer in the southern hemisphere.

View from our hotel window around midnight. Staying in downtown Mar del Plata wasn't exactly as ideal as it sounds, particularly considering no one in Argentina goes to bed, especially when they're on holiday.

The main square in Mar del Plata.

Dan and Marie, starting our trip home! Late Saturday morning in Mar del Plata: four hours by mini-van to the airport in Buenos Aires... hang out at the airport for about four hours... twelve hours by plane to Chicago... early morning layover, then another two-and-a-half hours to Philadelphia, where we arrived home on Sunday morning.

And here we are, back at home, with children who were very happy to see us! (Erik in his sweater purchased in Argentina)

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