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Back in Buenos Aires, at dinner with Dan's cousins. I didn't mention yet: Dan is the reason we were in Argentina - he was born there (came to the US around age 9) and still has family there.

Interesting graffiti - photo taken from a bus on the way to Boca.

Dan and Marie in Boca, the area of Buenos Aires previously visited during the football match. This time we were there to explore - still in a fairly touristy section, but fun nonetheless.

We all became Boca Juniors fans as a result of watching the game. Erik had a second reason though - they wear Swedish colors! Boca is the port area, and per that fabulous tool, the internet (which we consulted regularly via Alex's blackberry throughout the trip), when the club was formed, they took on the colors of the next ship to arrive at the port - which happen to be from Sweden.

Street musicians

Note the stadium in the distance

At lunch - Masha...

...and Marie

At lunch we were entertained by tango dancers (fairly common)...

...and they even convinced Marie to join the show. Nicole literally fled when pressured to take a turn on the dance floor!



February 2008

Erik's Birthday

Argentina! Cemetary and
football game

Exploring outside Buenos Aires


Scenes of Buenos Aires, and
last dinner

Mar del Plata - the beach