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Meeting to head out to dinner the next night - a glimpse of our hotel lobby. The hotel was very modern and chic.

At dinner, having good Argentinian steak and wine... a theme for the trip.

The next day, heading out on a train to, naturally, a town that Nicole can't remember the name of anymore. This photo is significant enough for inclusion on the site because during this particular train ride, Nicole announced to Erik that she was thinking strongly about making a change at work.

This is a good time to mention that for both Nicole and Erik, the Argentina trip was an opportunity for us to actually slow down long enough to do some serious thinking about life with Simon and Toby. We were both very busy at work when this trip came along (Erik even had to facilitate an important conference call from the hotel room one afternoon!) which made it hard for us to leave - we were seriously considering canceling the trip when it was only a week away. On top of that, Simon had a very hard time adjusting to our absence - it literally rocked his world that we could be away for that long. This was the longest we had been away in his memory; and when we had been away for long weekends, he and Toby were typically at Nicole's parents' house, not at home and going to school per their normal routine. So several of our calls home were pretty difficult and triggered extra soul-searching, particularly for Nicole!

The upshot was that the week we came back, Nicole started the process of transitioning out of her full-time director role at work into a part-time, special projects role (effective July 1 - more on that later!). And for months, at bedtime, Simon would say to us: "You're just going downstairs, right? You're not going on a big trip?"

So here we are, back in Argentina. This shot was mainly for Simon's benefit (although it's also gotten great mileage as Erik's facebook profile photo).

A stop-over in a nice little town on the way to our ultimate destination (neither of which I know the names of anymore).

Some private homes...

Ah, here we are at our destination. A very picturesque town along the river.



February 2008

Erik's Birthday

Argentina! Cemetary and
football game

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Mar del Plata - the beach