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The third week of February, Erik and Nicole were off to Argentina for a week with the reunion gang! Erik's mom, Ulla, came to Philadelphia to stay with the boys, and Nicole's parents helped out, too.

There were eight of us on the trip, and four (Dan, Marie, Alex and Masha) stayed for two weeks. Pat, Josh, Erik and Nicole arrived to join them for the second week. Our hotel in Buenos Aires was near the old (and very famous) cemetary, so while we waited for the four others to arrive back from Tierra del Fuego, we did some exploring. The cemetary I'm sure has a name, but since the trip was almost a year ago as of this writing, a lot of name details are lost from memory...


Having a beer, waiting for some fantastic (and ridiculously inexpensive) food, and letting it sink in that we're enjoying August-esque weather in February.

The next day, we were off to a street market where Erik took some cool photos.

That evening, we went to a Boca Juniors football (soccer) game. We had an escort to get us in and out safely! It was a fanstastic experience - probably one of the most memorable activities of the trip for Nicole, which is saying a lot considering she's not exactly an avid follower of football!

Settled in our seats.

We were near the cheering fans, which was a big part of what made it fun (although a little intimidating considering there were glass walls and fences topped with barbed wire containing the fan section!). It was very impressive... they had a band, non-stop singing and chants, etc. Before the game, they unfurled the biggest banners we've ever seen.

Seriously. The best part was when the Boca Juniors scored. Suddenly the barbed wire made sense... there was a massive rush of people toward the field, some of them scaling the wire-mesh fence to twenty feet up, to express their appreciation! Boca won, everyone left happy and we got back to our hotel safely!



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