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Simon is doing well with his new bed, although we still occasionally find him on the floor. This was a weekend when he didn't want to go down for his nap, so he played in his room by himself for almost an hour before finally keeling over in the middle of the rug!

Erik's birthday was this month. Here's his birthday call from his mom...

...and Simon got to talk to Farmor, too!

On Erik's birthday we had a BIG snowfall -- the biggest one we had all year.

Simon wasn't too sure about the snow, though.

We got a great sled for him, and Daddy took him for a run up and down the street. But Simon's face was pretty cold by the time they were done!

The next weekend, Simon spent the weekend with Pappy and Grammy, and Nicole and Erik went to New York for the weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day, Erik's birthday, and the end of Simon's only-child-hood. But even though we took the camera, we took almost no photos (as usual!).


February 2006

Erik's birthday and snowfall

Shower for the new baby