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In December, Erik and Nicole (and fellow East-Coasters Dan, Marie and Alex) went to Seattle to visit Pat and Lisa, Jori and Ray, and Emre and Lale who were visiting from Turkey (Lale's family lives in Seattle). All three couples have children we hadn't met yet! The boys stayed with Nana and Ed at home the first few days, then went to Pappy and Mimi's house until we returned.

Marie trying out Dan's ceviche concoctions

Papa Ray showing off his progeny, four-month-old Dylan.

Lisa and Pat with their 18-month-old, Avellina. (And one in the oven!)

Dan and Marie

On Saturday night it snowed, which is highly unusual in Seattle (but as we all now know, was just the beginning of record snowfall for the rest of December!). This is the view on Sunday morning from Pat and Lisa's house in Beacon Hill.

Pat and Lisa's house... with more snow than we've had in Philadelphia so far this year!



December 2008

Nicole and Erik go to Seattle

Snow in Seattle

Sightseeing in Seatle

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas morning (a little early)

Christmas morning for real

Heading to Miami!


Miami Seaquarium

More Miami Seaquarium

The last day of 2008

New Year's Eve, and heading home