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One more show, this one with sea lions. Note the egret flying across the set! There were some daring egrets trying to get the fish that the trainers use for the animal performers.

Jumping through the hoop

Doing a handstand before leaping into the water

Having a fish

And another grand finale

View of Miami from the Seaquarium grounds

Back at the hotel - our balcony at sunset. The horizon doesn't really slant like that in Florida...

View down the beach

Sunset looking back over the town

Toby on the balcony. Our first morning there, he lost his red paci over the edge - he was looking down and talking, and it dropped out of his mouth. He suggested we get a stick to find it, but considering it fell 22 stories, it would have taken a pretty long stick! Pappy and Daddy both searched but we never found it - it's possible that the wind blew it back toward the building and onto one of the other balconies - or it just went too far to find. We survived without it for almost two days, but he was so sad at bedtime the second night that Mommy felt bad and went to the Walgreens and bought a similar one as replacement, which made Toby very happy the next day!

Giving Monkey a kiss, and...

...a hug.


December 2008

Nicole and Erik go to Seattle

Snow in Seattle

Sightseeing in Seatle

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas morning (a little early)

Christmas morning for real

Heading to Miami!


Miami Seaquarium

More Miami Seaquarium

The last day of 2008

New Year's Eve, and heading home